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All About Porcelain Dental Veneers

As we age, our teeth start to show signs of wear and tear from a lifetime of use.  These cracks, gaps, chips, discoloration, and misalignments may make us feel self-conscious. Maybe we don’t smile as freely as we should. You…


Do You Know Your Teeth?

What do you know about your teeth? We use them to chew. They play a big part in shaping your mouth and consequently your entire face. They also make up your smile which is what we use to make first…


The 411 on Root Canals

The name root canal has the power to induce dread in people. If you were to ask people what a root canal is or why they’re afraid, you’re likely to get all sorts of answers.  As with many things, fear…


Why Do We Get Cavities?

The importance of our teeth cannot be underestimated. Teeth chew our food, nourishing our bodies and helping us to stay healthy, strong and happy. Speaking of happiness, teeth make up our smiles which help make the first impression whenever we…


Beating Dental Fear

Are you dealing with dental fear and anxiety? You are not alone! Many patients deal with dental fear and anxiety. So much so, that patients avoid visiting the dentist, which can lead to complex dental issues. Annapolis dentist Dr. Vernon Sheen offers advanced, patient-centered…


Causes For Bad Breath

Halitosis, commonly referred to as bad breath, is a common dental concern that affects patients of all types. Halitosis can be an embarrassing oral health concern that may affect your confidence and how you interact with other people. In some cases, bad…