Bleeding Gums Annapolis, MD

Bleeding gums may be a sign you are brushing or flossing too hard. But did you know it could also be a symptom of gum disease? Nearly 80% of American adults will experience gum disease at some point. If diagnosed early, we can treat gum disease, and you can avoid increased oral health problems. Bleeding gums are a common dental concern that we treat in our Annapolis, MD, dental office. 

bleeding gums in Annapolis MD

Stop Bleeding Gums When Brushing and Flossing

Sometimes, you may have bleeding gums because you brush too hard or improperly. When brushing, use a soft-bristled brush. Avoid toothpaste with abrasive ingredients. If you have a manual toothbrush, brush in circular motions. An electric toothbrush will brush in circular motions for you. Brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day.

Before brushing, floss between each tooth. Use the best floss for your teeth; you will need wider floss if you have larger gaps between teeth. Thin floss is best to reach smaller gaps between teeth. Flossing each tooth before brushing will help remove debris and bacteria contributing to bleeding gums. 

Sometimes, a good oral hygiene routine is enough to reduce bleeding gums. However, if your gums continue to bleed or you also experience chronic gum pain and inflammation, contact our office.

About Bleeding Gums in Annapolis, MD

Many people with bleeding gums do not seek help. However, in most cases, bleeding gums are a part of the beginning stages of gum disease. When gum disease goes untreated, you may develop advanced complex oral health and medical conditions.

If you have frequent bleeding gums, even after trying a softer toothbrush or gentler brushing, you could suffer from gingivitis. The beginning signs of gum disease are usually painless. Those at risk are typically unaware until the disease has begun to advance.

Pregnant women can also experience bleeding gums due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. Changes in the hormone progesterone can make gums more sensitive and increase the risk of bleeding gums. It is safe for pregnant women to visit the dentist for routine cleanings. If you are pregnant and notice problems like bleeding or painful gums, contact us for a cleaning. Treating bleeding gums will prevent inflammation in the body. 

Gum disease remains a leading cause of tooth loss in adults today. Routine dental care is an integral part of the long-term maintenance of your smile. We want you to maintain regular dentist visits and be sensitive while brushing around sore gums.

Why Do I Have Gum Disease?

Many people associate gum disease with poor oral health. However, other factors contribute to gum disease besides poor oral hygiene. Smoking, a poor diet, high-stress levels, and even genetics can all contribute to the development of gum disease.

Some of these risk factors are out of our control. Even if you maintain your oral hygiene routine, visit our dentist in Annapolis, MD, for yearly gum disease screenings.

Treatment for Bleeding Gums in Annapolis, MD

A dentist should always handle the treatment of bleeding gums. Although it may be tempting to try over-the-counter medicines, gum disease is a severe issue that a professional should treat.


Gum inflammation, or gingivitis, is the early stage of gum disease. It can cause discomfort, redness, and swelling of the gums. Gingivitis is a bacteria infection of plaque buildup on gums and teeth.

If you have gingivitis, Dr. Sheen will remove plaque or buildup from the gums and teeth. We can also prescribe other special mouthwashes or topical treatments.

If your gums are bleeding regularly, Annapolis dentist Dr. Sheen highly encourages scheduling a dentist office visit as soon as possible. When your dentist diagnoses it early, he can treat gum disease, and you can avoid long-term damage.

What is Periodontitis?

When left untreated, gingivitis can develop into periodontitis. Periodontitis, or gum disease, is an advanced dental health concern. More advanced stages of gum infection occur when a bacterial infection affects the ligaments and bones that support your teeth.

Gum disease can:

  • Cause Gums To Recede
  • Deteriorate Bone Structure
  • Loosen Teeth
  • Cause Teeth To Shift
  • Lead to Tooth Loss

Advanced gum disease is also linked to an increase in:

  • Heart Attacks
  • Strokes
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Low Birth Weights

Gum disease is linked to these problems due to inflammation. When harmful bacteria damage the gums, it leads to gum inflammation and irritation. In severe cases, inflammation can travel through the bloodstream. This is why patients who develop gum disease and already have heart problems are at risk of more complex heart issues.

Gum disease is also risky for pregnant women. We encourage pregnant patients to visit to reverse symptoms like bleeding gums.

Undiagnosed and untreated gum disease can lead to more complex and expensive restorative dental treatments. It can also cause deterioration in your overall health. You should never ignore bleeding gums, as seemingly minor symptoms can worsen quickly.

Treatment for advanced periodontal disease includes removing the infected gum tissue, scaling the gums, and antibiotics. Gum grafting or gum surgery can remove infected gum tissue from the mouth. Lasers can remove infected tissue beneath the gum line. We may also refer you to an oral surgeon if you have severe gum problems that require surgery. 

Scaling and root planing are deep cleaning treatments. They remove plaque and tartar from the gums and tooth roots. We remove hardened bacterial buildup on and underneath the gums during a scaling treatment. Then, we remove bacterial buildup from the tooth roots during root planing. 

After scaling and root planing treatment, we can place antibiotics in the gum pockets. Antibiotics help fight harmful bacteria and prevent reinfection. If you have chronic gum problems, we recommend this cleaning every few months.

Treat Bleeding Gums in Annapolis, MD

It is vital to catch gum disease at its beginning stages. If you are experiencing sore or bleeding gums, contact Annapolis-based dentist Dr. Vernon Sheen to schedule a dental appointment. You can also call today at (443) 482-5202.

Please get in touch with our office if you have questions about your bleeding gums. We will examine your smile and recommend the best treatment for painful, bleeding gums.