Single Dental Implant

Even one missing tooth can compromise your smile and make you self-conscious. Replacing a missing tooth is important for many reasons, including maintaining a functional smile for the long run.

Why Replace A Missing Tooth?

A missing tooth can cause complex oral health concerns as well as other health concerns. A missing tooth can cause the surrounding teeth to collapse or shift towards the void. This can lead to many issues with your bite. Once your teeth are out of alignment, many issues can surface including a TMJ disorder, gum disease, and tooth decay.

The tooth’s root is responsible for stimulating the jawbone which is necessary to prevent bone loss. When the tooth is extracted or missing, the bone is no longer stimulated and will eventually begin to deteriorate.

The sooner you replace your tooth, the better chances you have at avoiding these complications. Dr. Sheen will recommend an implant-secured dental crown due to the many benefits. A dental implant is an investment in your oral health, confidence, and overall well-being.

Dr. Vernon Sheen offers a dental implant anchored dental crown in Annapolis, MD for patients who are missing one tooth. He will handle the pre-treatment planning and implant restoration part of the dental implant procedure.

Dr. Sheen will coordinate the surgical phase with a local Annapolis area oral surgeon and follow up with you to ensure optimal healing. If you are missing more than one tooth, he also offers multiple dental implants options.

Single Dental Implant Process

A dental implant is the most natural looking and sustainable option for replacing a single tooth. An implant is actually a surgically implanted titanium post that replaces the missing root structure. Over a 3-6 month period, the titanium post will fuse with the natural bone helping it to support the structure of the jaw and to provide a secure base for the attachment of a dental restoration.

Dr. Sheen will then secure a dental crown to the implant once it’s fully healed in his Annapolis, MD dentist office. The crown will be custom designed to aesthetically fit your smile. Dental implants provide natural, tooth-like replacement options for a missing tooth.

They allow patients to maintain a normal oral hygiene routine and eat and speak with confidence. Implants also provide long-term support of the jaw bone and deter deterioration or recession of the facial structure.

Schedule a Consultation for a Dental Implant

Find out why a single dental implant is the preferred solution for a missing tooth by both dentists and patients. Contact the dentist office of Dr. Vernon Sheen in Annapolis, MD to schedule an appointment.

Do I qualify for a dental implant?

The overall health of the patient is the most important factor and not age like some people believe. If you are healthy enough for oral surgery, then we can replace your missing tooth with an implant secured crown. In general, you should have healthy gums and enough bone to hold the implant. You must also be committed to a strict daily oral hygiene routine to ensure the success and longevity of your implant.

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