About The Dental Implant Procedure Annapolis MD

After a comprehensive evaluation, Annapolis, MD dentist Dr. Vernon Sheen will create a personalized dental implant treatment plan. The procedure for dental implants requires multiple visits over several months.

Dr. Sheen will coordinate the initial surgical phase with a local oral surgeon and follow up with you to ensure optimal healing. There is typically a 3-6 month period of time required for the newly implanted post to integrate with the bone tissue.

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Dental Implant procedure in Annapolis, MD

Placing the Implant

An oral surgeon will place the dental implant, a tiny titanium post, into the bone. The oral surgeon will use local anesthesia but may offer total sedation as well if you suffer from dental anxiety.

The length of the surgery will depend on how many implants they place and whether or not you get a bone graft. For placement of only one dental implant, surgery will last about an hour.

The level of discomfort after surgery depends on each individual. Most people will experience mild discomfort. Your oral surgeon will give you pain medicine if needed and antibiotics after surgery. Some swelling and bruising can be expected.

It is important to keep your mouth as clean as possible after the placement of the implant. You should also avoid sucking on a straw, smoking, and spitting. This will dislodge the blood clot and delay healing time significantly.

You should keep brushing your teeth as usual but avoid the surgery site. You may be given an antibacterial rinse to keep the mouth clean. Depending on your case and the position of the missing tooth or teeth, a temporary dental crown may be placed in the mouth while the dental implant heals.

The dental implant will be allowed to heal and integrate with the natural bone, serving as the artificial root for the new tooth. The healing process can take several months.

Restoring the Dental Implant

Once the dental implant has healed and integrated with the surrounding bone, an abutment will be placed on the implanted post. This will serve as a foundation for the placement of the prosthetic tooth.

While the dental implant is healing, a dental crown will be fabricated. The dental crown will be molded based on impressions taken of your teeth to make sure it fits your smile.

For most patients, Dr. Sheen will utilize CEREC, a state-of-the-art system that uses CAD/CAM technology to design and fabricate ceramic restorations in just one day. CEREC can be used to create dental crowns during a single visit with great precision and predictable results.

After another brief healing period, the final restoration will be placed, and your new smile will be complete. The dental crown is secured to the dental implant for a permanent restoration.

After your new smile is complete with dental implants, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and brush twice a day to ensure success. Also, visit Annapolis, MD dentist, Dr. Sheen twice a year to maintain superior dental health. Call us at (443) 482- 5202, or request an appointment online today.

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