Teeth Whitening Annapolis, MD

People use teeth whitening products every day to enhance their confidence and brighten the appearance of their smile. There are a wide variety of products available to whiten teeth. This includes store-bought toothpaste, gels, and special whitening strips.

But no matter what condition your teeth are in, there is a safer, more convenient way to achieve a whiter smile. A professional teeth whitening treatment from an accredited dentist in Annapolis, MD will give you a brighter smile safely. Visit Dr. Vernon Sheen for affordable teeth whitening optionsTeeth Whitening in Annapolis, MD

About Teeth Whitening in Annapolis, MD

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Vernon Sheen offers several options for patients to whiten their teeth. You can choose between the in-office laser teeth whitening or at-home teeth whitening kits. He can customize both of these options for the best possible results. Dr. Sheen will take the time to evaluate your dental health so he can recommend the most suitable choice.

There are certain types of tooth stains that may not respond as expected to a teeth whitening treatment. Existing fillings and crowns may impact your choice of whitening. In this case, Dr. Sheen offers alternative cosmetic treatment options that can whiten your smile with lasting results.

Alternative teeth whitening options include:

Depending on your specific dental health needs and goals, Dr. Sheen will recommend the most appropriate treatment option for whitening your teeth after an examination.

Laser Teeth Whitening in Annapolis, MD

Dr. Sheen is one of the few dentists in the Annapolis area to offer advanced laser teeth whitening. He can complete this professional whitening treatment in a single one-hour visit. Dr. Sheen simply applies a laser-activated gel to the surface of the teeth to instantly brighten your smile.

While most people see immediate results after their laser visit, individual results will vary based on the initial level of tooth discoloration.

Benefits of laser whitening for patients:

  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Safe, performed under the supervision of an experienced cosmetic dentist
  • Produces little to no side effects, including sensitivity, a common side effect with other forms of teeth whitening
  • Completed in a single visit for an instant smile makeover
  • Permanent, lasting results for a beautiful new smile

As with the maintenance of your natural teeth, avoiding darker beverages such as coffee and tea, tobacco products, and red wine can prolong the results of your treatment.

Am I a candidate for laser whitening?

Dr. Sheen will meet with you to evaluate the condition of your dental health. This is to ensure that laser teeth whitening is the right solution for your needs. Although laser teeth whitening is effective for most patients, there are certain types of tooth stains that are resistant to teeth whitening:

  • Stains from certain types of medications
  • Discoloration from certain medical conditions

At-home Teeth Whitening Solutions

The at-home teeth whitening system is convenient, affordable, and popular among patients who cannot find time in their busy lives to schedule an in-office appointment.

For this treatment program, Dr. Sheen takes an impression of your smile and creates a set of custom-fit trays that hold the whitening gel firmly against the surface of your teeth.

The length of time you will have to wear these retainers each day is dictated by the strength of the whitening gel. For maximum results, you should wear the retainers for a minimum of 2 weeks. You will keep these trays for future at-home whitening sessions.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Is professional teeth whitening painful?

No. It is a non-invasive cosmetic dental service that does not cause pain during treatment. We will not even need to numb your mouth. Our dental care team will make sure you are comfortable during treatment so that you have the best experience possible.

Will teeth whitening make my teeth sensitive?

Tooth sensitivity is a temporary symptom of teeth whitening. Although, not every patient that gets teeth whitening will experience temporary tooth sensitivity. This symptom will go away within a couple of hours. If you still experience sensitivity after a couple of days, visit us for a dental exam.

Can I whiten my dentures?

No. You cannot whiten your dentures with teeth whitening treatments. Modern dentures do not easily stain or discolor over time since they are made of highly stain-resistant material. If you have old and dull-looking dentures, it’s time to get a new pair to prevent oral health issues.

Are you ready for a brighter, whiter smile? Contact us to learn more about which teeth whitening treatment is right for you. Call (443) 482-5202 or request a consultation online.