Taking Care of Your Tooth Enamel

Taking Care of Your Tooth EnamelThe enamel is one of the most important parts of the teeth. The enamel protects the teeth from temperature and trauma, so keeping it healthy is imperative. Dr. Vernon Sheen of Annapolis, MD is dedicated to helping patients maintain a healthy, functional smile. By staying up to date on the current advancements in dentistry, using state of the art technology and techniques, and taking the time to address your dental needs, Dr. Sheen can help you improve your smile. At the Annapolis Center for Dental Health & Wellness, we offer a full range of general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services for your convenience. Call (443) 482- 5202 or schedule an appointment online.

Tooth Enamel

You only get one tooth enamel so it is important that you take preventive measures to keep your enamel protected. Finding ways to practice excellent preventive care at home is a great way to maintain optimal oral health. Keeping your smile healthy is a partnership between patient and dentist, one cant work without the other, so it is important to work together to keep your smile bright and healthy.

Protect Your Tooth Enamel

  • Switch your regular toothpaste for a fluoride toothpaste. An ADA approved fluoride toothpaste has been proven to strengthen the enamel over time. Patients can also pair their fluoride toothpaste with an ADA approved fluoride mouthwash.
  • Minimize the number of sugary foods and drinks you consume. If sugar is not properly removed from the mouth, it can attract the bacteria and stick to the teeth. Plaque and tartar may begin to build up and can lead to tooth decay and even tooth loss in extreme cases. Taking care of your enamel is your best line of defense against tooth decay.
  • Schedule Routine Preventive Care Visits.  Visiting general dentist Dr. Sheen every six months helps minimize the chance of developing complex dental problems. During your comprehensive exam, Dr. Sheen is able to find any early signs of complex dental problems and offer a complete solution to restore health back to your smile. Catching complex dental problems early means that there are treatments available to correct your smile before it’s too late. Don’t let your dental problems buildup before getting the treatment you need.