What Do I Do If I Have a Damaged Tooth?

Have you just chipped or fractured a tooth? Are damaged teeth making it uncomfortable for you to bite and chew? Addressing tooth damage not only improves the tooth’s appearance but can also improve its functionality. We treat damaged teeth in our Annapolis, MD, dentist office to help patients restore the smile’s total comfort, appearance, and function. Our cosmetic and restorative treatments can create brighter and more functional smiles.

What Do I Do If I Have a Damaged Tooth?

Problems Caused By Tooth Damage

If you require immediate care for a dental injury, contact our office. Before you go to our office, try to find the broken piece of your tooth and rinse your mouth with warm water. Applying a cold compress on your cheek on the side of the damaged tooth can also reduce swelling. If you do not address your injury soon enough, you may encounter additional dental problems. An injured tooth can create pain and discomfort.

You can also further damage your tooth if you bite and chew with your injured tooth, breaking off more of the tooth and causing more pain. Additionally, if a chip or fracture in the tooth is deep enough, it can expose its interior to harmful decay-causing bacteria. Decay creates cavities or holes in the teeth, eventually leading to permanent tooth loss. Covering and protecting damaged teeth or treating large injuries restores the look, health, and comfort of the smile.

Addressing Dental Injuries in our Annapolis, MD Dentist Office

Cosmetic and restorative dental treatments effectively address dental injuries, from minor chips in the enamel to large tooth fractures. We recommend dental veneers and bonding for patients with minimal injuries. Veneers are shell-like treatments that cover the front of the teeth. Dental veneers can cover areas of minor damage, even discoloration from hits to the tooth enamel. Veneers can also cover one or all of the teeth in the smile line with porcelain, tooth-colored materials. 

Dental bonding treatment uses malleable, tooth-colored materials to add more structure to teeth. Bonding treatment addresses problems like chips, cracks, and fractures. The bonding material ensures that injuries are covered, and patients benefit from improved tooth structure and aesthetics. 

Tooth crowns are restorations that cover teeth like caps and are better for more extensive tooth damage. Partial crowns, or inlays and onlays, cover the tooth’s surface, while crowns cover single teeth fully. A crown is excellent for patients with worn molars or fractured teeth requiring more support. Dental crowns fully restore the appearance and function of damaged teeth.

If you have tooth damage but are unsure which treatment you need or require emergency care to repair a tooth, don’t hesitate to contact our office. Schedule your next dental appointment with us online or call the Annapolis Center for Dental Health today at (443) 482-5202.