Oral Health Benefits

Dental insurance accepted Annapolis, MDDo you have unused dental health benefits or HSA/FSA dollars?

Have you missed your dental appointment recently and need to reschedule?

Now is the time to check your balances and your schedule to make sure your oral health needs have been met this year.

Annapolis, MD Dentist Dr. Vernon Sheen reminds patients to make sure they have maximized their insurance benefits and healthcare dollars and have been in for two routine dental care visits this year. In addition, HSA dollars can be used to improve both the health and aesthetics of your smile with invisible braces and other dental treatments.

Taking care of your smile will not only impact your oral health, but will support overall good health and your best quality of life. We understand more today than ever before about the important connection between the mouth and the body- and the role that your oral health plays in reducing the risk of many diseases and illnesses.

Dr. Sheen and our staff emphasize disease prevention as part of our general and routine dental care. We work with patients on an individual basis to identify their unique risk factors and how best to maintain a healthy smile.

We also understand the financial concerns that patients face when it comes to caring for their smile and make every effort to help you get the most out of insurance benefits if you have them, and HSA/FSA dollars that can be used for your dental care.

Strategic use of these savings accounts can make it easier to budget your dental health needs and goals. If you need orthodontic or restorative treatments, we will work with you to achieve a phased plan of treatment to accommodate your budget while securing a healthy smile for the long run.

Looking for a local Annapolis, MD dentist? Dr. Sheen welcomes new patients and works with those who have been avoiding the dentist due to fear and dental anxiety. Schedule an appointment and restore a healthy smile that you can feel confident sharing each day.