Why Patients Prefer Invisalign Over Metal Braces

Invisalign in Annapolis MDWhen you have crooked teeth or a misaligned bite pattern, there are plenty of orthodontic treatment options to choose from. Not only can you address orthodontic concerns with traditional metal braces but also clear braces like Invisalign. Learn why so many patients prefer Invisalign over traditional metal braces below:

How Metal Braces Work

Metal braces use a system of brackets and wires that are firmly attached to your dental structures for the entire duration of your treatment plan. You will visit your orthodontist’s office monthly for routine tightening appointments. During these tightening appointments, the wires will be tightened to apply pressure to your dental structures and encourage them to shift into a straighter position. Orthodontic treatment of any kind can take several months or even years to complete. Patients with metal braces will have their orthodontic hardware visible for the entire duration of their treatment plan, never to be removed until the treatment is complete. Because metal braces are not removable, patients will need to abide by certain dietary restrictions to avoid damaging the orthodontic hardware. Additionally, patients with metal braces should take additional oral hygiene precautions to ensure no food residue is caught in the orthodontic hardware after all meals. If you are unwilling to make these lifestyle adjustments, or if you want to avoid spending too much time in the dental chair, clear braces are an excellent option to consider instead.

How Clear Braces Work

Clear braces utilize sets of see-through, plastic aligners that are worn over your teeth while in use, similar to retainers. While in use, no one will be able to tell that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment unless your remove the aligners in front of them. Clear braces are removable, and patients are encouraged to remove their aligners whenever they need to eat, drink, or brush their teeth. Because clear braces are removable, this means that patients can enjoy their usual dietary preferences without worrying about damaging any orthodontic hardware. Additionally, clear braces are easy to clean. Simply brush and rinse them whenever you are performing your daily oral hygiene routines. Best of all, your dentist will give you all of your aligner sets at the beginning of your treatment plan so you wind up spending significantly less time in the dental chair than you would if being treated with metal braces. Clear braces are a discreet alternative to traditional metal braces that still provide patients with the beautiful results they are looking for.

Invisalign in Annapolis, MD

Looking for Invisalign in Annapolis, MD? Schedule an appointment with Annapolis Center for Dental Health & Wellness to find out if you are a candidate for this treatment option. Invisalign is recommended for patients suffering from mild to moderate orthodontic concerns. More severe orthodontic concerns may still need to be treated using metal braces. Dr. Sheen will evaluate your smile during your Invisalign consultation and inform you on which treatment option will best meet your needs and goals. We look forward to seeing you soon.