Dental Implants vs. Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges Annapolis MDDr. Sheen is a local restorative dentist in Annapolis, Maryland. He’s helped many of his patients restore their smiles from the devastating effects of tooth loss. Missing teeth cause more than just cosmetic concerns and can make it difficult to chew or speak properly. Our Annapolis dentist office offers several options for replacing a missing tooth including dental implants and dental bridges. If you are missing a tooth, you will likely need to decide between these two treatment options. Learn more about the differences between dental implants and dental bridges below.

Dental Implants in Annapolis, MD

Dental implants are considered the premier tooth replacement option. They are one of the greatest advancements in modern dentistry. Going above and beyond cosmetically restoring a missing tooth, the dental implant is the closest option available to replacing a missing tooth with a restoration that functions like a natural tooth.

The important thing to know about dental implants is that they do require a surgical procedure. A titanium post will be surgically implanted into your jawbone, concealing by your own soft tissues. It will take several months for the post to heal and fuse together with your jawbone. However, once fully healed, this titanium post is what will give your restoration tooth-root functionality. An abutment will be attached to the post and topped with a dental crown. While dental implants do require a longer healing time, they also provide more long-term benefits than other options. For example, once fully healed, you do not have to worry about any dietary restrictions. Your restored tooth will look, feel, and function just as your natural teeth do.

Dental Bridges in Annapolis, MD

A dental bridge is a cost-effective approach to replacing missing teeth. Because dental bridges do not require a surgical procedure, they are also a less invasive approach to replacing a missing tooth. While dental implants utilize a surgically implanted titanium post for support, dental bridges utilize the support of your surrounding teeth to hold a prosthetic tooth in place of a missing tooth. The bridge hardware will be fully external, meaning that patients will need to abide by certain dietary restrictions to avoid damaging their restoration. Additionally, patients will need to learn how to brush and floss around the bridge hardware effectively. While the dental bridge will effectively replace the missing tooth, it will not provide as many long-term benefits as dental implants do.

If you are interested in learning more about your tooth replacement options in Annapolis, MD, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Sheen. Our office serves patients and families from the greater Annapolis area, including Arnold, Severna Park, Crownsville and Kent Island. We look forward to seeing you soon.