4 Holiday Snacks That Stain Your Smile

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The holidays are right around the corner, and many people are beginning to plan their family dinners and office parties. There are so many tempting snacks and treats to indulge in this holiday season, but some might be tougher on your teeth than others. The following are popular holiday snacks that may stain your smile:

Red Wine

Whether you are toasting to new traditions or cheersing the new year’s arrival, beware of red wine’s effects on your teeth. Red wine contains harsh staining agents that are left behind on your smile after each sip. The longer you allow the staining agents to sit on your teeth, the more your smile will dull.

Cranberry Sauce

This holiday favorite is especially tough on your enamel. Not only will its deep red color stain your teeth, but the sugars and acids within the cranberry sauce will also attach to your dental structures and cause damage if left to linger too long.

Hot Cocoa

Pretty much any heated flavored drink is a risk for your smile. This includes the Christmas classic, hot cocoa. If you plan on grabbing a cup of cocoa, tea, or coffee this holiday season, consider drinking with a straw to help prevent the drink from touching your teeth too much.

Fruit-Flavored Pies

Cherry pie, strawberry pie, blueberry pie… These are just some of the fruit-flavored pies that will easily stain your teeth. Most berries contain very strong staining agents that will quickly dull your smile. This is all the more reason to consider opting for pumpkin pie or apple pie, which are just as good and less likely to stain your smile.

Teeth Whitening Appointments Available

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