Understanding Your Jaw Pain

TMJ Treatment in Annapolis MD

Many patients visit our office looking for help relieving their jaw pain. Jaw pain is often the result of a TMJ disorder. Dr. Sheen offers a wide range of TMJ disorder treatment options designed to alleviate and correct your jaw pain. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding jaw pain:

What causes jaw pain?

Many things can cause jaw pain. Most commonly, we see patients with a history of teeth grinding experience jaw pain. This is because the additional pressure applied to your dental structures over long periods of time can strain your jaw muscles and cause pain. Additionally, people who clench their jaw while stressed are very likely to experience jaw pain. Other causes include a misaligned bite pattern or missing and broken teeth. Anything that compromises the way that your dental structures work together to preform daily tasks like chewing or speaking can cause jaw pain.

What is a TMJ disorder?

A TMJ disorder is any jaw pain that is found to be associated with the temporomandibular joint of your jaw. Typical symptoms associated with TMJ disorder include popping or clicking of the jaw joint, ringing of the ears, headaches and a jaw that does not open or close smoothly. This highly complex disorder occurs when the temporomandibular joint connecting the upper and lower jaw becomes misaligned or stressed. 

Can TMJ disorders be treated?

Yes, Annapolis Center for Dental Health & Wellness offers TMJ Therapy solutions in our office. Dr. Sheen offers a wide range of TMJ therapy treatments designed to alleviate and correct TMJ disorder symptoms, including custom mouth guards and restorative treatments or orthodontics to realign the bite, correct damage, and restore oral health. The type of treatment very much depends on what the underlying causes of your jaw pain are determined to be. Rest assured that Dr. Sheen can help you diagnose these causes at your next appointment.

How can I treat my jaw pain at home?

Besides contacting our office to schedule a TMJ consultation, the best thing you can do for your jaw pain at home is to relax your jaw and facial muscles as much as possible. Leave yourself reminders throughout the day to practice mindfulness, and to stretch your jaw muscles around so no tension builds up. If your jaw is currently hurting, try taking over the counter pain medication like ibuprofen. You can also hold a cold compress to your cheek or jawbone to help reduce inflammation and discomfort. Make sure to avoid eating excessively crunchy foods or chewing gum while you are experiencing jaw pain as this will only further irritate your jaw muscles.

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