Beating Dental Fear

Beating Dental Fear and AnxietyAre you dealing with dental fear and anxiety?

You are not alone! Many patients deal with dental fear and anxiety. So much so, that patients avoid visiting the dentist, which can lead to complex dental issues. Annapolis dentist Dr. Vernon Sheen offers advanced, patient-centered dental care for those dealing with dental fear and anxiety. Dr. Sheen begins each appointment with a one on one consultation. During your consultation, Dr. Sheen will listen to your dental concerns, understand the root of your dental fear, and create a treatment plan based on your needs.

Common Causes of Dental Fear:

  • Fear of losing control
  • Fear of needles
  • Fear stemming from a past bad experience at the dentist
  • Fear of drills and loud noises
  • Fear of pain
  • Feelings of embarrassment

Dr. Sheen can work with you to help you get the treatment you need. To learn more about your options, visit Annapolis Center For Dental Health & Wellness. To schedule an appointment, call (443) 482- 5202 or request an appointment online.

Overcoming Dental Fear

Together, you and your dentist can help improve your oral health. Regular visits to the dentist is an essential part of achieving optimal oral health. Finding ways to visit the dentist will benefit you in the long run.

  • Bring a friend to your dental visit. Bringing a friend can help you feel comfortable and relaxed through your appointment.
  • Listen to an audiobook or music during your treatment.
  • Ask questions about your treatment. Staying informed can help you feel like you have more control over your treatment and how you are feeling throughout your visit.
  • Take breaks if you begin to feel overwhelmed during your treatment.
  • Try a relaxation method like deep breathing or meditation.
  • Ask about sedation dentistry. Dr. Sheen offers a full range of sedation dentistry options to help you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your treatment.