Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screenings in Annapolis MDOral cancer is on the rise in the United States and patients are being diagnosed younger and younger. Annapolis, MD restorative dentist Dr. Vernon Sheen conducts oral cancer screenings on every patient during their preventative care visits. Biannual screenings can help detect the development of oral cancer early. Early diagnosis can save lives.

Oral Cancer Screenings Annapolis, MD

Oral cancer screenings are essentially pain-free and quick. Dr. Sheen will take a thorough look at your cheeks, tongue, gums, neck and face. The scan takes only about two minutes. This simple procedure can help to diagnose oral cancer in its earliest stages of development. Dr. Sheen will look for signs of cancer such as white spots or sores.
If you notice any changes in your oral health, it is important to discuss them with Dr. Sheen as soon as possible. Changes in your bite, fit of a dental restoration, or numbness in your lips or tongue are all potential signs of oral cancer. Bi-annual visits to our Annapolis dentist office are best for preventative dental care. Proactive preventative dental care can help avoid the development of other complex dental concerns and allow for early diagnosis and conservative treatment.

Know Your Risk Factors

Although anyone could develop oral cancer, there are some risk factors that increase your chance of developing it. If any of the following risk factors apply to you, it is essential that you check your mouth regularly for any changes in your oral health and visit Dr. Sheen regularly for screenings.

Your Risk of Oral Cancer is Higher If:

  • You are male
  • You have HPV or have been exposed to HPV
  • You Smoke, Vape or Chew Tobacco
  • You drink alcohol regularly
  • You do not eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables

Schedule An Appointment Annapolis, MD

Schedule a consultation at our Annapolis dentist office for an oral cancer screening. Dr. Sheen and or entire dental care team want to help you maintain your best oral health. Our Annapolis dentist office provides comprehensive dental care in a comfortable and compassionate atmosphere. Contact our Annapolis dentist office or request your appointment online.