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Inlays and OnlaysAnnapolis, MD

Dental Crowns and Caps in Annapolis MDDental inlays and onlays are conservative dental restorations made from high quality porcelain and resin materials. They are two of the strongest, most durable treatment options available today for patients whose teeth have experienced excessive damage or wear.

Inlays and onlays last longer than conventional fillings, and effectively strengthen both internal and external tooth structure – ensuring function and longevity while protecting against further damage and decay. They are stain resistant, realistic looking, and easy to care for and maintain.

Same Day Dental Restorations in Annapolis, MD

Annapolis dentist, Dr. Vernon Sheen, is one of the few dentists in Maryland to offer same day porcelain dental restorations with advanced CEREC technology. Traditionally, a dental inlay or onlay requires two or more visits to the dentist to complete. With CEREC, Dr. Sheen can design, fabricate, and place the restoration in a single visit.

A post-procedural examination for all inlay and onlay patients ensures the new restoration does not interfere with their natural bite.

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Inlays and onlays are a great alternative to full coverage crowns for patients who want to increase their teeth’s natural strength and durability while restoring a natural look to their smile. With proper care, inlays and onlays can improve your oral health and rebuild confidence in your smile. For additional information, contact our Annapolis dental office at (443) 482- 5202 or request a consultation online.