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Dental FillingsAnnapolis, MD

A dental filling is one of the most widely used dental restorations, serving both restorative and cosmetic purposes and helping patients maintain long term dental health.

Dental fillings are commonly used to repair minor teeth imperfections such as small tooth cavities or cracks. Most often recommended to patients who have experienced only minimal amounts of tooth decay, composite dental fillings can be made to mimic the texture and color of your natural teeth, and provide patients with years of natural function and durability. As a standard dental procedure that can usually be completed in one visit, fillings are a great way to restore health and strength to your natural teeth.

Resin tooth Fillings

Traditional dental fillings were typically comprised of silver or amalgam materials. But today’s dental fillings are made from resin based, metal free composites that blend seamlessly with the natural color of your teeth – giving your smile a more naturally balanced, healthy look. Prior to the procedure, Dr. Sheen carefully removes the decayed portion of the tooth. He then inserts the composite filling, sculpts it to mimic the shape of the natural tooth, and then firmly bonds it into place with a special light – resulting in a dental restoration you can be proud of.

Dr. Sheen can replace old, dark, or leaking amalgam fillings with a new white filling for improved dental health and an immediate smile makeover.

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Dental fillings are durable, attractive solutions that protect teeth from future decay. Many patients have benefited from this simple, preventative dental procedure – saving themselves and their teeth from additional restorative dental work. If you have cavities or small imperfections that need to be fixed, contact the office of Dr. Sheen today at (443) 482- 5202 or request a consultation online.