Dr. Vernon Sheen of The Annapolis Center for Dental Health & Wellness offers tooth extractions as well as wisdom teeth removal for his patients. For patients of record needing a tooth extraction, please contact our office to schedule a consultation. During this appointment, Dr. Sheen will evaluate the tooth and make treatment recommendations as well as replacement tooth options if needed.

New patients should contact our office to schedule a new patient exam and consultation.

Tooth Pain and Tooth Extractions

If you have tooth pain, it may seem like the best solution is to remove the tooth. In most cases, however, it is better to preserve the natural tooth. Dr. Sheen can do this with treatments like a root canal or restorative dentistry.

If a tooth extraction is needed, Dr. Sheen will also recommend replacement options for the missing tooth. Replacing the tooth will help to preserve bone structure, promote better gum health and prevent remaining teeth from shifting.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you need to have your wisdom teeth removed, Dr. Sheen can make a referral for a local oral surgeon. The first step is to make an appointment with Dr. Sheen for a consultation. We will examine the teeth and take any necessary x-rays or other imaging. If Dr. Sheen determines that the wisdom teeth should be extracted, he will make the referral and see you post-op for follow up examinations.