When it comes to the internal makeup and structure of your teeth, nothing compares to what nature has provided you with. Over time, the dental pulp inside your teeth that provides nourishment and sensory response can become infected or damaged. This irreversible problem will usually require a root canal procedure to preserve the function of natural teeth.

Root Canal Therapy with Dr. Vernon Sheen

Dr. Sheen takes a conservative approach to endodontic care. When feasible, he can provide root canal therapy to relieve the pain associated with inflamed or infected dental pulp – using the latest technology to ensure patient comfort both during and after treatment. The primary goal is always to save natural teeth, and each patient receives a comprehensive review of their nerve structure prior to the start of any endodontic treatment.

If extensive or specialized treatment is required, Dr. Sheen provides referrals to the best Endodontists and Root Canal Specialists in the Annapolis area.

Root canal therapy can safely clean, shape, and provide internal support to your teeth for a pain free, uncompromised smile. For more information, or to find out if you are a candidate for endodontic treatment, contact Dr. Sheen today. Call 443.482.5202 or schedule an appointment online.