teeth whitening annapolisPeople use teeth whitening products every day to enhance their self confidence and brighten the appearance of their smile. There are a wide variety of products available to whiten teeth, including tooth pastes, gels, and special whitening strips. But no matter what condition your teeth are in, there is no safer, more convenient way to achieve a whiter looking smile than with a professional teeth whitening treatment plan from an accredited dentist.

Annapolis cosmetic dentist Dr. Vernon Sheen provides patients with their choice of in-office or at home teeth whitening treatment programs. Contact us to find out which teeth whitening treatments are right for you. Call 443.482.5202 or request a consultation online.


In-Office Whitening
At-Home Whitening
Special Offer
  • BOOST Teeth Whitening in Annapolis, MD

    Dr. Sheen is one of the select Annapolis dentists to offer BOOST in-office teeth whitening. This professional whitening treatment is completed in a single visit - using a whitening gel applied to the surface of the teeth to instantly brighten the smile. While most people see immediate results after their BOOST visit, individual results vary based on the initial level of tooth discoloration.

  • At-Home Teeth Whitening Solutions

    The at-home teeth whitening system is convenient, affordable, and popular among patients who can't find time in their busy lives to schedule an in-office appointment. For this treatment program, Dr. Sheen takes in impression of your smile and creates a set of custom fit trays that hold the whitening gel firmly against the surface of your teeth. For maximum results, these retainers should be worn a minimum of 4 hours a day for at least 2 weeks.

  • Teeth Whitening Special Offer

    Annapolis dentist Dr. Sheen is extending a limited time offer for BOOST Teeth Whitening. Now get BOOST Whitening for the special price of just $395! Call us or schedule your appointment online to take advantage of this special offer.