Porcelain veneers are typically used to eliminate unwanted imperfections in smiles, such as gaps, stains, chips, or misshapen teeth. They are thin ceramic shells made from the highest quality materials, and permanently bonded to the tooth’s surface – creating a natural look patients can be proud of for years to come.

For more than 20 years, Annapolis cosmetic dentist Dr. Vernon Sheen has been using porcelain veneers to improve the beauty and health of patients’ smiles.

About the Porcelain Veneer Procedure

Proper planning is essential to understanding each patient’s aesthetic goals and helps to determine what type and style of porcelain veneer is required for each individual case.

After a thorough smile examination, Dr. Sheen will discuss your expectations to ensure the procedure results in the comfortable, natural smile you expected. During your first visit, small amounts of enamel will be removed from each tooth that requires a veneer. After this process is complete, Dr. Sheen will take an impression of your smile and prepare your teeth for temporary fittings while your permanent restorations are being created.

Your new porcelain veneers will be ready to replace the temporaries in approximately 2-3 weeks.

Schedule a Consultation for Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a natural, permanent way to restore form and function to your smile. With proper care and maintenance, they will last for years to come. If you think you could benefit from porcelain veneers, contact the Annapolis dental office of Dr. Sheen today to schedule a preliminary consultation.

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